Wednesday, December 3, 2008

To Prospective Students

English 304 has been a great class. I have learned a lot throughout the semester that I am pretty sure will help me in the future. English 304 has help me by improving my writing and communication skills. Throughout the class, I presented presentations and also learned to work with other people. The Client base project was maybe one of the most unique thing that I have ever done.
My success in the class has been through being cooperative and determine. The class offers a lot of projects that requires group work so I had to learn to be cooperative and a team player. My determination is due in part of me recieving an "A" in the class. The class is not really hard as long as a person do everything that it is required.
I have enjoyed my time in English 304 and would not change it for nothing. I am very appreciative for everything that the class has offer me. I can now say that I am a better writer, communicator, and most of all a better person.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Project Status

So far the project that we are proposing to Foothills YMCA is going very good. Team Your Most Caring Advocates (YMCA) is curently in the process of making the poster and template for the proposal. We are working together as a team and every member is participating equally. Our biggest challenge so far has just been trying to figure how we are going to manage to fit all our of ideas onto one poster because we have so many great ideas. One thing that I have learned since working on this project is that teamwork is required and a lot of great minds is better than one.
We are "All In."

Monday, October 20, 2008


Miscommunication is something that happens all the time. One instance that I can remember and never will forget was during my Middle School Basketball years. We were playing in the championship game and up by 2 points with the ball and 5 seconds left in the game. My teammate decided to pass the ball to me but the opponents stole it in the process. The result was that the other team hit a 3 pointer as time expired a won the championship. It was a big miscommunication among me and my team-mate. I screamed at him to hold the ball and he thought that I was streaming for the ball. The miscommunication happened because it was very loud and we both was put in tough circumstances. It cost us the championship but could have been prevented if we would have been calmer in the situation and if it was not so loud in the gym.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Reflection of Interview

I think that my interview went okay. I was really nervous during the first couple of minutes of the interview. My hands were shaking and I felt a little over heated. I dealt with the nervousness by trying to relax and taking my time to answer the questions. Many of questions were easy to answer and I believe that overall I answer them okay ,but there were some questions that kind of caught me off gaurd. The ones that caught me off guard, I just had to think a little harder and longer to answer. If I could change anything about the interview, I would change the way I spoke. I believe that I did not express myself the way I really wanted to. I maybe should have been a little more prepare. From the interview, I have learned to be a little more prepare and despite everything nervousness is something that can be dealt with and everyone suffers with it at some point during their life.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Presentation Week

This week in class has been a very interesting and fun week. Everyone had pretty good presentations. The three presentations that I like the most was Jessica presentation on Early Music, Trevor one on How to become a Pro Ball Player, and Marie presentation on Hummus.
I like Jessica one because I am a musical talented person and I knew exactly what she was talking about with Classical music so I related with her. Also, Trevor one was also interesting because he plays baskteball here at Clemson and I believe he is gone to make it to the pros one day. He also added a lot of humor in his presentation which made it even better. Finally, Marie's presentation was also great. I like the fact that she actually made hummus and let the class sample it. Her powerpoint was also very colorful and well develop.
Overall, all the presentations were wonderful and I enjoyed them all.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Busy Times

Well its that time of the year for me when things start to pick up and times can get very stressful. Seems like I have an exam everyday, football season is in full effect, and my rest/sleep schedule is at a minimum. My biggest goal at this point is just trying to manage my time correctly while also performing to the best of my ability in school work. It is not an easy task but I will try to manage it the best I can and hopefully I will make it through alright.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Response to Advice for Cover Letters

I believe that all of the information on how to create an effective cover letter was useful and helpful. One of the most important issue that was bought up, was the purpose of writing a cover letter. Many people really do get confuse and lose focus on the purpose of writing cover letters. Cover letters are intended to provide the employer with information regarding to what the applicant can bring to the job and not a lot of personal information about the applicant.
Moreover, another thing that I found that was interesting was that employers really do not look at cover letters unless the applicant is really being considered. I thought that cover letters was one of the most important parts of selecting applicants, but I guess not. Matter of fact, the cover letter has the least importance.
The most useful part of the tutorial that I found helpful was the cover letter check list. It is most useful because it list all the necessary parts of a cover letter while also given the criteria of an effective cover letter.